Sunday, May 1, 2011

Episode 6: Return of the Fangirl

Hey everyone! I'm back with the new tag RoseRage. I even made myself a cute little icon to commemorate the occasion!
Cute ain't she? Probably not, I'm terrible at drawing chibi. She also doesn't look very rage-y but there's another little drawing in the works. Maybe you can decide which one will win for my official RoseRage icon.

Actually, I hope to have a lot more in the works for my sections in the future. I have a few blog posts sitting in my draft box, never to see the light of day. But now I'm determined to make more updates than Rez Gamer (shouldn't be too hard ;P). I'll be giving my fangirly perspective on all things geek and game related. I'll even have short stories made from actual game sessions! That's right, real rolls and quotes from the table now in writing.

So that's all for now. Happy gaming!


"C'mon, this is the guy who crited Han Solo in the face."

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