Sunday, June 14, 2009

Upcoming MMO's

As much as I've grown to loath MMOs and the whole treadmill/time sink they represent, I still finding myself interested in three upcoming Online RPGs: Champions Online, Star Trek Online & Star Wars: The Old Republic. Two of my favorite genres are represented, SciFi and Superheroes. I think Star Trek lends itself to the MMO format better than Star Wars does, but I did enjoy the original release of the Star Wars Galaxies MMO (dancing twileks anyone?).
I don't expect them to do any better than the current crop of MMOs though. In the end they all come down to the same thing, classes that are balanced into losing their uniqueness and endless, repetitive level-grinding tasks. Maybe if they go the route of Guild Wars and lose the monthly subscription fee I will take a look, but otherwise, I really doubt I will even try the demos unless I see something totally innovative from any of these offerings.