Sunday, March 6, 2011

A Blog Post Sneaks in Between Game Sessions!

No news definitely is good news, at least in my case. You see I’ve been so busy gaming that I haven’t gotten around to updating this blog. I would promise to update it more but no one is reading it and internet promises are like kobolds with gold; swiftly slain and forgotten about!

Since my last post I’ve had the pleasure of attending TempleCon 2011 in Rhode Island. I also accomplished one of my new years resolutions and ran two events at TempleCon. I ran a Deathwatch session and a Gamma World session, both were a huge success (in my not so humble opinion) and I plan to do a write up on them when I can! I came to a realization that I enjoy running games far more than I do playing in them, so I am using the cons I attend as a training ground to further improve my GMing skills and make new contacts to grow my RPG gaming group resources.

My Saturday Shadowrun group is still going strong, despite the holidays and snow trying their best to disrupt it! The system is very crunchy and even after 5 or 6 game sessions we are still learning the rules. We’ve got a solid core of players and usually average 6 players on any given Saturday. Sadly, one of our players is departing and may no longer be able to make the gaming sessions (we’ll miss you Dave!) I still love the fluff and rich history of Shadowrun and I hope that we can keep the campaign going strong for sessions to come!

That brings me to the point of this post; I am preparing to launch a brand new CthulhuTech campaign on Sundays. Some players that haven’t been able to make my Saturday sessions, along with some brand-new-to-role-playing gamers have expressed an interest in playing in it and I’m looking forward to seeing the dynamics of a new gaming group. I am going to be experimenting with something I heard about on an older Jennisode podcast called Fluency gaming (Jennisodes Episode 4: Fluency Play). I've only just started listening to the Jennisodes but I definitely like what I hear so far and would heartily recommend it to other gamers. The gentlemen that Jen interviewed in this particular episode, one Jason Godesky, spoke about teaching players how to play a new game system in easy to digest bite sized chunks. He gave a very wordy term for it, but then shortened that description to something called fluency gaming and I’m going to give it a try in my CthulhuTech game. I’ve already started writing the introduction to the rules and I think it will be a blast to play this way! If it works out, I intend to incorporate it in other future sessions I plan to run like DC Heroes which is based on the mutants and masterminds rule set. I may even reboot my Shadowrun group and give fluency gaming a try to help us better get a handle on the very crunchy rule set of that system.

Lastly, I’m planning a make over for this site and possibly a name change. When I can squeeze some time in I’d like to set up an obsidian portal site for the new CthulhuTech game and put links to that and other resources here on the blog. As usual, only the fickle whim of fate can tell which plans will trickle through my geek A.D.D. and actually come into fruition! Until next time!

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