Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Where's my Character Builder update?

I am impatiently awaiting the announced update for the D&D 4th Edition Character builder. Like some Pavlovian experiment, since about 5am EST, I've been clicking the character builder icon, waiting for the update message, then closing the application in disappointment when there is no update.  My geek impatience knows no boundaries. I must be appeased! I require instant gratification! This is the age of G3 networks and wireless connectivity. I want my stuff now!
Maybe I can distract myself with wistful musings. For example, I can't wait to start generating some of the new characters with the "official" ruleset! I am also wondering why WOTC didn't coordinate the character builder update with the official release of the Player's Handbook 2. It seems like that would be a logical target date to generate maximum interest. Some of you reading this may wonder why I don't simply roll my characters up the old school way. I would and I still do, believe me, it's one of the small pleasures I enjoy when I have time. The key phrase being "when I have time". The character builder is just so convenient! With a busy family/work schedule, I need to allocate every minute of my free time to whatever hobbies I can fit in, so anything that saves me time is a bonus!
Back to the update, I still think the Druid, Sorcerer, Bard and Gnome should have been included in the first Players Handbook, but now that they are finally released I will reserve my criticism. Sadly, I am already looking forward to what could possibly be in the Player's Handbook 3! Monk's are assumed, but what other new class awaits? The necromancer maybe?
I just checked again, still no update (witness my OCD, recorded for posterity!) 
UPDATE! I just checked and the site is down for maintenance! This leads me to believe the update is imminent! My mouse finger is poised over the clickity-click-clicker!

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