Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Recruiting Begins!

Today I visited a few of the easier to find geek hot-spots in my local area, hoping to drum up some leads for new gamers. The first stop was a comic shop named Steve's Comic Relief where the owner kindly allowed me to hang up a "Gamer Wanted" flyer. Then it was off to the Game Room, a fully stocked hobby shop where there already was a couple of gamers engaged in a tabletop game of Warhammer Fantasy Battle. I picked up a copy of the Settler's of Catan and the store staff also accepted one of my flyers. The last stop was the local library, again another flyer was posted. With the bait set, I can only hope to lure some interested gamers to my campaign!

I am a little nervous about trying to find new people to game with, it's a bit like online dating. You never know who you are going to meet and I feel you have to take the same precautions. I am going to lay down some ground rules and meet prospective gamers in a neutral location. A Fear the Boot podcast offered some great suggestions on how to recruit new gamers and I plan to use a few of them. In addition to this I also searched on for some local gaming groups but there weren't very many in my area. I am going to try the forums at some of the more popular gaming sites and see if I can find some more local gamers! Wish me luck!

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