Saturday, September 17, 2011

It has begun!

After kicking around the idea of creating my own RPG game for a while I finally started putting it together. I've written a short piece of fiction to set the theme of the game and serve as an intro for the book and now I'm hashing out the main rules. I've so many ideas bursting out of my head right now I'm trying to get a handle on them. I woke up this morning and my muse just kicked into overdrive.
I want to ride the streak for as long as I can so I'm trying to keep writing as much as possible, which includes updating this blog! I'm not sure how much I intend to document my process at this point but I know there will be some kind of  progress tracking. I need it for myself more than anything. I know I perform better when I see quantifiable milestones being achieved.
The first hurdle has been cleared, I've started it. Here's hoping I can cross the finish line!

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